About Us

Blackhawk Technology is a leading provider of high-quality piston pumps, with the drive motor at surface level, above the wellhead.

The company began operations in 1990 in the Chicago area, offering dependable and simply designed positive-displacement pumps with a reciprocating piston.

The design technology has evolved to enable pumping of virtually any liquid, regardless of density or toxicity.

Models are designed for landfill leachate pumping, methane gas well dewatering, groundwater remediation, NAPL recovery, and other pumping applications including offshore caisson sump, low-flow stripper oil wells and industrial processes.

oilfield pump jacks
Blackhawk piston pumps are modeled on reliable oil-field pump jacks

Blackhawk is regarded for customer-driven technical innovation, resulting in products that consistently outperform competing models.

Three Power Sources

Blackhawk offers pump motors driven by three power sources – pneumatic, electric and solar.

Downhole components are the industry standard and withstand severe environments. The efficient low-friction drivers are modeled on the century-old reliability of oil-field pump jacks. The pumps can be installed at any angle, including horizontal.

Blackhawk pumps are onsite throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

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