Maximize Your Investment

There are several ways to maximize your investment in Blackhawk pumps, improve pumping results and save money. Below, see the function and value of accessories, corrections for common pumping issues and offers from the Blackhawk factory.

  1. Pneumatic Filter Regulator w/Pressure Gauge
  2. Pneumatic Pump Cylinder Oiler
  3. Pneumatic Rod Lubricator
  4. Cartridge Seal Plate
  5. Programmable Pneumatic Timer
  6. Pressure Relief Valve
  7. Pneumatic Cycle Counter
  8. Flow Meter
  9. NAPL Skimmer Tool
  10. Service-Exchange Program
  11. Steel-flanged Well Seal
  12. Accessories for All Pumps
  13. Why Pumping Choices Matter
  14. Liquid-level Control/Conductivity Probes
  15. Extending Pump Life
  16. Replace Stuffing Box Seals
  17. Motor Schedule and Brush Replacement
  18. How to replace U-Cup seals
  19. Pump Materials -- Well Temperature
  20. Atlas HTCR Extended Pneumatic Piston Pump™
  21. Apollo Solar On-off Timer
  22. Why Your Discharge May Be Blocked
  23. What Happens When a Piston Pump Runs Dry