Groundwater Remediation Pumps

Blackhawk reciprocating piston pump systems pump hot, viscous liquids such as coal tar, gasoline, and fuel oil/water mixtures commonly found in groundwater remediation pump sites. Heavy-duty Viton seal plates and downhole seals are chemically resistant and ideal for use with any remediation pump.

Chemical Recovery Pumps

Blackhawk’s positive-displacement piston system is a simple industrial-quality syringe, which gently suction hydrocarbons or other chemical liquids with steady efficiency without disturbing the product environment.

—Sinking Viscous Product (DNAPL)

Blackhawk’s above-well reciprocating pumps pull up a broad range of sinking products, including hot, viscous and corrosive liquids in deep holes and challenging climatic conditions.

There is no down-well electricity or high-pressure air injected into the well; electric models can be made explosion proof. All servicing is safely above grade. No add-on equipment is needed.

Atlas groundwater remediation positive-displacement piston pump.
Anchor Electric Recovery