Neptune Pneumatic Caisson Sump Piston Pump

The Neptune Piston Sump Pump is a high performance positive displacement piston jack pump that is specially designed to pump hot, viscous, oily liquids from harsh saltwater industrial environments. With shallow or deep recovery capabilities, the lightweight Neptune Piston Sump Pump uses an active recovery process that draws product from a specified depth, at a specified rate and can be set at 0 to 11 US GPM (LPM 41.6) flow range.

The Neptune Piston Sump Pump features a pneumatic drive motor that is mechanically driven from the surface. Constructed of high grade stainless steel, the Neptune Piston Sump Pump operates effectively in aggressive saltwater environments and features high efficiency, superior wear resistance, and constant pumping speeds. The Neptune Piston pumps fluids down to the bottom of the piston inlet, draws down to zero with steady controlled flow rates.

I&O Manual

Features & Benefits

Top Head Drive Motor

  • Drive motor is on top of sump.
  • Generates up to 380 PSI of power equivalent to 880' TDH.
  • Heavy duty compact driver fits into enclosed vault.
  • Down hole environment (e.g., temperature, corrosion, pressure, vacuum, etc.) does not affect pump performance.
  • Air system shutdown does not impact pump.

Controlled Pumping

  • Controls drawdown of liquid.
  • Matches pumping rate to yield of product in well or sump.
  • Increases sump life.
  • Gently handles product, without emulsification.
  • Measured metered flow.

Air Lines Outside of Sump

  • Compressed air is not in sump.
  • Compressed air does not contact liquid being pumped.
  • Biological or encrustation build up is reduced or eliminated.
  • Foamy liquid discharge is reduced.
Saltwater-resistant Neptune for sump or caisson


Best Drawdown Capability in Industry

  • Draws liquid to bottom intake, independent of liquid head.
  • Pump does not need to be submersed to operate.
  • Pump operates vertically or horizontally.
  • Pumps thick, heavy, viscous liquids.

Safe, Clean, Healthy Operation

  • Top head drive feature keeps operator free from contaminates.
  • Inspection and maintenance are healthy and safe.
  • Pump discharge exhaust air is free of contaminants.