Accessories: For Control and Long Pump Life

Pneumatic Intake

Pneumatic Discharge

Air Supply Kit

Cylinder oiler/filter regulator conditions, cleans & regulates incoming air

Speed Control

Sets operator-directed speed

Conductivity Level Control

Uses conductivity probes to turn pump on and off

Cycle Counter

Counts each full stroke; mounted on driver

Discharge Kit

Includes hose and connectors

External Foot Valve

Includes check valve & SS ball

Flexible Fiberglass Rod

Choose elevated-temp (green) or standard drive rod. Cut to any length.

Flow Meter

Counts gallons of liquid flowing from discharge tee

HDPE to SS Fittings

Threaded for heat butt fuse connections

Rod Lubricator

Injects tiny, pre-set amounts of oil into stuffing box to lubricate rod

Rod-to-Rod Coupling

Connects fiberglass rods to extend length

Solar DC Controller

Modulates solar panel variances to feed steady 24v DC current

SS Coupling w Drain Port

1.25 in. NPT female threaded connection from discharge tee

Stuffing Box Seal Kit

Seals in Buna & Viton; quick pop-out cartridges

Vanstone Flange & Well Seals

Zinc-coated steel seals 4 to 12 in., gas head 6 to 12 in.; with drain port

Pneumatic On/Off Timer

Turns pump on and off at operator-set schedule

Pressure Gauge

Measures pressure in pump discharge

Pressure Relief Valve

Controls/limits built-up pressure from clogs, failures

Rod Extractor

Rescue tool if drive rod slips below discharge tee

Pneumatic System Accessories

Weighted Sinker Bars