Landfill Applications

In addition to economical everyday pumping, Blackhawk positive displacement pump systems perform in all weather conditions and in extreme pumping environments. Easily inspected, the above-well drive motors require little maintenance and are safely field serviceable at or above grade, with no pump pulling required. Systems pump against high head, can be installed at any angle from vertical to horizontal and can run dry without damage. Electric models can be made explosion proof.

Leachate Pumping

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Gas Well Dewatering

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Gas Condensate Pump

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5 Reasons to Consider Blackhawk Piston Pumping for Landfills

  1. Cleaner gas, no greenhouse gas emissions — exhaust is clean, not vented back into well; significantly reduces odor problems
  2. Works in vacuum environment — no stalling under vacuum
  3. Pumps almost anything liquid — including foam and solids
  4. Reduces biomass — no air/leachate contact
  5. No high-pressure air contamination in the well
  6. For product specifications, visit our catalog
Anchor reciprocating piston pump in a groundwater pumping environment