Contaminated Chemical Fluid Removal

Blackhawk’s positive-displacement piston pumping system operates as a simple industrial syringe, gently suctioning hydrocarbons or other chemical liquids with slow, steady efficiency without roiling the product environment.

Toxic Liquid Recovery

Blackhawk’s above-well positive displacement piston pumps are ideal remediation pumps for a broad range of sinking products including hot, viscous and corrosive liquids in deep holes and challenging climatic conditions.

There is no down-well electricity or high-pressure air, and electric models can be made explosion proof. All servicing is safely above grade, away from the product being pumped. No add-on equipment is needed.

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Floating Viscous Product (LNAPL)

Surface contaminant liquids lighter than water are suctioned with a one-tool attachment to Blackhawk’s low-flow remediation pump. The simple, effective, economical and proven system employs a single, floating skimmer that draws in oily liquids when attached to an all-conditions piston pump. The universal skimmer is preferred to other extra-cost add-ons.

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