Blackhawk enter new, low-flow markets; electric and solar models adapted for oil, offshore, process

GLEN ELLYN, IL —Blackhawk Technology, the industry leader in piston pumps with above-wellhead motors, has adapted its popular and durable low-flow models for oil field, offshore and process pumping, and has innovated landfill and toxic remediation & recovery technology.

Blackhawk’s electric- and solar-powered oil pumps are low-profile (4 feet), lightweight (125 pounds) and quiet, designed on the simple reliability of traditional pump jacks. They pump shallow oil economically in low-flow, micro-pumping environments, such as stripper wells.

The Anchor Electric Oil Pump™ recovers up to 15 barrels per day to depths of 1,500 feet. The Apollo Solar Oil Pump™ recovers up to 37 barrels per day to depths of 400 feet. Both can be tuned to the yield of a formation without disturbing the column, meaning more oil and less water.

Offshore, the high-performance Blackhawk Neptune Pneumatic Pump™ has the capacity to pump hot, viscous, oily liquids in harsh salt-water environments. It is designed to pump out caissons and holding tanks on oil rigs. The Neptune’s active recovery process draws to specified depths and at flow rates to 11 gallons per minute.

Electric-powered industrial-process models can pump virtually any liquid at any angle up to and including horizontal. Pump components can withstand both high and low pH.

In landfills, Blackhawk now offers low-cost solar pumps with high effectiveness and reliability in latitudes as northerly as Toronto. Traditional pneumatic and electric models for remediation and recovery sites have been enhanced with new-generation seals, controllers, timers and oilers.