Introducing economical Edge:
Everyday pneu outperforms
popular airlifts, uses no more air

GLEN ELLYN, IL — Blackhawk Technology Company, the industry leader in above-well-drive piston pumps, is introducing the Edge Pneumatic Piston Pump™ in two models, which deliver performance superior to popular airlifts at competitive prices.

The Edge Model 101 pumps deeper than airlifts, to 281feet (85.6 meters). Models 101 and 102 maintain constant flow rates regardless of TDH — airlift models suffer from rapidly diminishing flows as head decreases at lower levels in the well or sump.

Edge Model 102 pumps at a constant 5.0 U.S. gallons per minute (18.9 lpm) to beyond 160 feet (49 meters). The 102 delivers increasingly positive flow comparisons vs. airlifts beyond 60 feet (17 meters) of head. Yet the more powerful 102 matches airlifts’ SCF air consumption.

The Edge is an everyday workhorse pneumatic pump designed to perform across several landfill applications, including leachate pumping, gas well dewatering and condensate recovery sump. In addition to the low purchase price, the Edge significantly reduces lifetime operational expenses. Rugged materials and a clean, simple design contribute to long pump life. Because drivers and controls are above the wellhead, servicing is easier and safer. The Edge requires far less maintenance than airlifts, with no pump pulling and no pumps lost down the well.

Low maintenance, lower costs

As with Blackhawk’s other pneumatic, electric and solar powered piston pumps, the Edge can pump highly viscous, hot and harsh chemical liquids, and can run dry. The Edge joins the next-generation Atlas 2.5® heavy duty piston pump, and the newly developed V-2™ mid-range piston pump, in Blackhawk’s new lineup of pneumatics.

"Industry engineers, owners and managers have been asking for this pump, with the power to go deep at attractive SCFM and flow rates against high head — all at highly affordable prices," Mark Bertane, Blackhawk president said. "Low price definitely does not mean low quality. The Edge is an excellent example of Blackhawk’s ongoing technological advancements, giving customers what we believe is the best price/performance value in the industry."