Convert 2-inch monitoring
wells to production wells

Blackhawk offers right-size pump

GLEN ELLYN, IL — When it becomes desirable to convert a two-inch monitoring well into production, Blackhawk Technology Company now offers the industry's only appropriately sized positive-displacement piston pump.

Blackhawk Technology, industry leader in piston pumps with above-wellhead drivers, pump virtually any liquid, irrespective of chemical composition or viscosity, at any angle from horizontal to vertical. Drivers can be powered by electricity, pneumatic air or solar panels.

"Blackhawk production models are the only industrial-strength piston pumps that can be fit into two-inch wells, saving money with a quick, easy swap outs plus low operating and maintenance costs," Blackhawk's Mark Bertane said.

"Blackhawk has great success pumping known-contamination sites – remediation, coal tar, hydrocarbon recovery, high- and low-pH chemicals. When it's time to move from monitoring to pumping, Blackhawk's track record is unparalleled."

Pneumatic and electric models for two-inch wells are designed for depths to 800 feet (240 meters) and flows to 2 gallons (7.5 liters) per minute. No compressed air ever enters the well. Solar models are designed for depths to 400 feet (122 meters) and flows to 1.1 (4.1 liters) per minute.

Pumping coal tar with 2-inch Edge Pneumatic Piston Pump™